Javascript & the Web

The 12 Things You Need to Consider When Evaluating Any New JavaScript Library | Sacha Greif

This is a smart set of criteria to consider when looking at new tools. I’d add that it’s always worth comparing a library to a “do it without the library” approach, to make sure you understand the benefits that you’re getting for your specific project.


Newsletter | Lara Hogan

I’ve already linked several of Lara Hogan’s blog posts in this space, and now she’s started an email newsletter. Worth checking out.

Book Review

Ready Player One | Ernest Cline

I’m about 7 years late on this (and even 6 months late for the movie hype), but Ready Player one was a great little sci-fi novel that uses 80’s pop culture as a background for a bunch of insightful commentary about our modern tech culture and where it may be heading. A lot of fun, and worth reading if you’ve missed it for this long like me.