Javascript & the Web

The Rise of Immer | Shawn Wang

I’m a few weeks late on this one, but it is worth your time. Shawn breaks down a new trend in React state management: the increasing popularity of Immer as a base for improving state management APIs. I’m particularly interested in react-copy-write as a new simpler paradigm for React state management. Right now Redux has “won” that space, and MobX is the clear second option, but it still feels like there’s room for improvement and new options. Will be cool to see what people build on top of immer.


How to fail as a new engineering manager | Brad Armstrong

As a new engineering manager, I found this list super helpful. I can already feel the temptation to fall into many of these traps, and it’s encouraging to hear about them from somebody who has gone ahead of me.

Book Review

Every Good Endeavor | Tim Keller

This is a “Christian book”, but I think it would be interesting to anyone who is interested in thinking about why we work, and how we find meaning in our work. If you are a Christian, there’s lots of insight here connecting the truths of our faith to the rhythms of our work lives. If you’re not, there is plenty to provoke thought, because the questions this book raises; why do we work? why is work often so unfulfilling? How do we find our purpose?; are universal questions regardless of whether you agree with Keller’s answers or foundational beliefs. Highly recommended.