JavaScript And The Web

State of JS Survey | Raphaël Benitte, Sacha Greif & Michael Rambeau

This survey is always a great look into the JavaScript community, and it just opened for this year. If you’re reading this, please fill it out. I’ll look forward to seeing what they’ve learned in a few months.

Books For Programmers

It’s a bit of a slow week links wise, so this week I want to share some of my favorite “timeless” programming books. These are books that will still be relevant in 10 years.

The Pragmatic Programmer | Andy Hunt & David Thomas

My favorite book on general programming “tactics”. Lots of code level tips and tricks here, as well as some higher level architecture thinking. Some of the specific examples have aged out, but the general concepts discussed in this book are timeless.

Clean Architecture | Robert Martin

I reviewed this one earlier this year, and it’s a relatively new book, but I’m confident that it is built to last. This is a great book on programming “strategy”, the high level construction of maintainable programs.

How To Win Friends And Influence People | Dale Carnegie

Not a programming book, but for most programmers who have achieved a minimal level of technical proficiency, the best thing they can do to get better in their career is not more technical growth, but instead growth on their “soft” skills. Communicating complex topics, helping teams work well together, working through interpersonal issues, negotiation and persuasion are all huge skills for professional software developers.

There are lots of “business” books out there that are worthwhile, but this is the best book I’ve ever read on the simple yet endlessly deep topic of relating to our fellow human beings. It has been relevant and helpful for 82 years, and I wouldn’t expect that to change soon.