JavaScript And The Web

Introducing the React RFC Process | React Blog - React is now using a public process for proposing and designing new features, starting with a new context API.

Why we have banned default exports in Javascript and you should do the same | Krzysztof Kaczor - This lines up pretty well with my own experience when it comes to native JS modules. The named exports are pretty much always better than the default ones.

Advanced React Component Patterns | C. Dobbs - This is a new Egghead course on React Component patterns, and is the best “advanced” React resource I’ve seen. If you’re a React developer, you should either watch it this weekend while it is still free, or pay up to Egghead (it will be behind their subscriber wall starting Monday). He also released a beginner level React course this week that will remain free.


The Pollyannish Assumption | Stratechery - Ben Thompson gives a pretty good breakdown here of the problems companies face moderating Internet scale content. Human beings capable of both greater heights and darker depths than we like to think.