JavaScript And The Web

Functional pattern: flatMap | 2ality - This post isn’t new, but flatmap and flatten hit stage 3 in the TC39 process for adding new features to JavaScript this week1. So this is a great time to read up on them.

Boiling the Ocean, Incrementally - How Stylo Brought Rust and Servo to Firefox | Bobby Holley - This is a great review of the technical achievement that Firefox 57 represents, and also gives some insight into where Mozilla is going from here. I’ve switched back to Firefox over the past 2 weeks and am pretty happy with it so far.

Programming Tools and Practices

Introducing AWS AppSync | AWS News Blog - AWS announced a bunch of new services this week, but I wanted to highlight AppSync, an Amazon GraphQL service. GraphQL seems to be gaining more and more momentum, and if you don’t know anything about it I’d suggest checking it out. I’ve gotten to play with it since rewriting my blog to Gatsby 1.0, and it is a nice way to work with data.


This City Hall, brought to you by Amazon | The Seattle Times - I’m amazed by the incentives cities have been willing to offer Amazon to locate a headquarters in their city. I think the outrage in this column is a bit over the top, but it is a startling insight into the power large tech companies have over the cities where they’re located.

Doomsday Clock - #1 - If you have any interest in comic books DC’s Watchmen sequel has begun. It’s a story that crosses over with the mainstream DC Universe, and appears to be a rebuttal of the cynical vantage point of the original work. This is the first of 12 issues over the next year and it was a strong (but slow start). If you’re interested in Watchmen but don’t read a lot of comics, this is the continuation of a story that began with a big DC special and continued in a special Batman/Flash crossover

  1. See this post for more info about staying informed about features that are being added to JavaScript. ↩︎