JavaScript And The Web

The State Of JavaScript 2017 - This annual survey of JavaScript developers always has lots of interesting insights. Since it is an internet survey, I view it less as a full snapshot of the industry, but more as a place to see what is new and trending in the JS world. This year Visual Studio Code, Prettier and Vue caught my eye as spiking in popularity.

The Glimmer Binary Experience | LinkedIn Engineering - I had the privilege of seeing Yehuda Katz, one of the Ember core developers, give a talk about Glimmer and bytecode at this year’s All Things Open conference. They’re doing some pretty serious software engineering in the Ember community right now. This write-up covers a lot of the same ground and is worth a read.

Programming Tools and Practices

Atom 1.23 and Visual Studio Code 1.19 were released this week, making this a big week for Electron based text editors. If you use either of them, you’ll get to enjoy a nice set of performance improvements when you upgrade.

Bear 1.4 - Speaking of software that I love to use getting updates, I’ve been using Bear as my primary notes app for the last year, and it is a delight. Getting autocomplete on tags this week solved it’s last real annoyance for me, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a simple notes app. It’s more powerful than Apple’s notes or text files, but cleaner and more elegant than Evernote. And even the paid level is very affordable.