JavaScript and the Web

Building the Google Photos Web UI | Antin Harasymiv

An amazing detail-laden look at the design and engineering decisions that go into a top of the line web photo experience. One of the best front end reads I’ve seen this year.

What’s Happening With the Pipeline (|>) Proposal? | James DiGioia

An update on the proposal to add a pipeline operator to JavaScript. I am not the target audience of this proposal, as I don’t regularly write in the nested miniature function style that is aided by this proposal, but I would really love to see some real world code (not fabricated examples) that would have their readability improved by this proposal. The smart pipelines proposal in particular seems like it’s adding a bunch of new syntax for developers to learn and tooling to support. Since this is a “sugar” feature and doesn’t add new capabilities, I really wonder whether it’s worth it.

Leadership and Teams

The P Rules | Andrew Bosworth

Design Reviews are one of my favorite parts of my job, and this is a great set of rules for having good ones.

Feedback Equation | Lara Hogan

So this is back to back weeks with links from Lara, and there’s a good reason for it. This is a great framework for speaking the truth to somebody with humility.


Why I love B2B over B2C | Justin Kan

I’ve worked at B2B companies my whole career, so I’m biased I guess, but unless you just like playing the lottery, its tough to see why you’d prefer B2C from a pure financial perspective.


Grace Hopper on Letterman in 1986 | YouTube

This clip is just wonderful. A little slice of history, touching the computer industry, the greatest generation, and the roots of our current late night comedy scene. “There was a time when everyone in this country did one thing together” is an amazing statement in our current political environment.