👋 Hi There!

It’s been a bit of a quiet year on the blog as I’ve been figuring out life with 2 children, work and a pandemic that doesn’t seem like it wants to go away. I’m going to try writing a bit more soon, but in the meantime wanted to add a quick plug for Kustomer.

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Kustomer the past 2 years now – it’s been a crazy rocket ship experience, my first time in a high growth unicorn startup, and we’re very much just getting started in many ways – we’re looking forward to joining Facebook in the future and all the possibilities that will bring to the table.

In the here and now though, we’re building an extremely cool product – improving customer service experiences for millions of people by giving agents better info and better tools and making it easier for people to find the info they want themselves without long hold times or delays between emails. We’ve got lots of fun technical challenges as we scale and work to improve performance of our system at every level (you can get a taste of a few of these at the recently started Kustomer Engineering blog). And we have a fantastic team of engineers who are extremely collaborative and focused on building the best experience for our customers (and their customers).

We’re growing like crazy and have a ton of ambitious plans for the future, which means we need more folks. We’re hiring for

  • Engineering Managers: EMs at Kustomer get to lead 1 to 2 teams of 3-7 engineers each of which have a specific product focus. You get to wear a lot of hats – technical leader, domain expert, coach, chaos-tamer, and are pretty much guaranteed to learn a lot. My 2 years in this role has not always been easy, but it has pushed me to grow more than any other stretch in my career. It’s a great role for people who like a challenge and thrive on taking on different types of work depending on the day.
  • Frontend Engineers at Kustomer get a large amount of autonomy to solve business and user experience problems in their domain of expertise. Every team has a dedicated Product Manager and Designer that you’ll be collaborating closely with, and we’re at a fun point in our growth where we’re taking a product that has grown organically and finding ways to standardize best practices, improve performance, and be more consistent in building great user experiences, not just “working” experiences. It adds up to a lot of great technical challenges, and we’re big enough to have experienced engineers to support and teach while still being small enough to have lots of room for people to come in and own important problems. Our core stack is React / Redux / TypeScript / Jest / Cypress / Webpack.
  • Backend Engineers have similar collaborative and ownership opportunities as FE devs, and get to work in a modern Node microservice based codebase with its own set of interesting technical challenges, especially as we scale the product. We spend a lot of time thinking about reliable message processing, storing and performantly accessing large amounts of data, and applying machine learning and intelligent automation techniques to customer service data. Our core stack is Node / Express / Docker / ECS / AWS / MongoDB / ElasticSearch.

*All of these roles will eventually be New York City based, but are currently operating remotely. *

If any of the above roles sound like the right type of challenge for you please feel free to reach out and apply. You’re also welcome to contact me with any questions about working at Kustomer. Helping bring new awesome people who are excited about what we’re doing into the company is the most important thing I can do both for them, for Kustomer and for making my own job great, so always happy to talk.