A small list this week as it’s a holiday in the states. So fewer articles out there, and I’m sure I missed some of them.

Programmer Life

My Lessons from Interviewing 400+ Engineers | First Round Review

I’m nowhere near Marco’s experience level interviewing, but his advice in this “interview on interviewing” resonates with my experience. Things that stood out to me:

  • Don’t overoptimize on a specific skillset as a startup, since you don’t know what skills you need yet.
  • It’s incredibly important (but also quite difficult) to be consistent in your standards across all interviewees
  • Team interviewing works better than 1 on 1 interviews for evaluating technical skills and team fit.

Digg’s v4 launch: an optimism born of necessity | Will Larson

An engineering horror story.

Anti-Flow | Rands in Repose

Rands remains my favorite software blog because of his ability to capture truths about the engineer condition with beautiful words.