JavaScript & The Web

Headless User Interface | Merrick Christensen

UI mixins are one of the hardest problems to solve. Sharing “behavior” across multiple UI components is difficult to do right. Merrick has documented an emerging pattern for doing this with React.

React Native at Airbnb | Airbnb Engineering

This has gotten plenty of attention around the internet, but Airbnb is moving away from React Native after years of heavy use and contributions to the community. Worth reading as an explanation of the pluses and minuses of React Native, probably not worth reading too much into the move beyond that.

An Adventure in Sparse Arrays | Remy Sharp

For anyone who read my “sparse array code golf” post the other day, this is a better holistic look at sparse arrays in JavaScript. I learned several new things here.

Programming Practices

Understanding Performance Regions | Rico Mariani

This is a nice high level post about a different way to think about performance monitoring and improvement.


Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

An incredibly fun video. Paul McCartney showing James Corden around Liverpool.

The Legend of Nintendo | Bloomberg

A great writeup on Nintendo’s last few years and where they stand now.