JavaScript & The Web

GraphQL Stack

This is a nice overview of the technologies involved with GraphQL, for anyone who has heard of the technology but isn’t quite sure how it all fits together.

Understanding The Almighty Reducer | Sarah Drasner

Moving from a loop mindset to making proper use of forEach/map/filter/reduce was one of the biggest shifts I made when moving from Java development to JavaScript. Reduce especially can be hard to learn initially, and it never becomes simple. This is a great introduction for those who are unfamiliar or haven’t gotten comfortable with writing reducers yet.

Software + Business

On paying for software | Seth Godin

This mirrors my opinions on paying for software pretty well. There’s a place in the world for free apps, and I definitely have passed on apps because of price before. But the apps I’ve used that have had real value to me have almost always been paid, usually these days as an ongoing subscription. The exceptions, like Twitter, tend to come with frustrating downsides that are difficult to disentangle from the free-to-play model.

Tech World

Climate Change Can Be Reversed by Turning Air Into Gasoline | The Atlantic

This seems really promising.

On The Sad State of Macintosh Hardware | Rogue Amoeba

I’m lucky enough to have access to 2 2015 era Macbook Pros (1 for home, 1 for work) and they’re amazing machines. I’m hoping that they both have long lifespans. But I’m increasingly not sure what my next laptop will be whenever I next have a choice. It seems like the laptops since then have lost some things I appreciate about my current laptops (Magsafe charger, HDMI port) and made the keyboard significantly worse, with minimum benefits. I hope that Apple can right this ship.