JavaScript & The Web

New in Chrome 67 - Desktop PWAs | Google Developers

Google has a new process for bundling web apps as installable applications, this time based on the emerging Progressive Web App semi-standard1. An interesting alternative approach for smaller applications that don’t need the full electron runtime, or education apps targeting Chromebooks

Programming Tools

black: The uncompromising Python code formatter | Github

This looks like a Python version of Prettier, and something I’d be interested in playing with.

Jest 23 | Jest Blog

Jest just keeps getting better. This release brings interactive snapshot updating, so that you can approve some changes and not others. That’s a big UX improvement and reason enough to upgrade, but looks like there are some improved matchers and new customizability options for power users as well. A solid release.

Tech & Business

Microsoft has reportedly acquired Github | The Verge

Microsoft seems to be doing everything it can to earn back love and trust from developers. Some of that has been by investing in new stuff like Visual Studio Code, some of it has been attitude, and then things like this are just buying somebody elses love. But I think they’ve earned back enough good will at this point that most developers will be willing to give them a chance and not assume that this will automatically be a bad thing. Which is a big change from 5 years ago.

  1. It’s a little vague still to really be considered a standard, but Microsoft and Google at least are providing broad support for similar sounding things that they both call PWAs, and Mozilla and Apple have been supporting the underlying technology if not the branding as much. ↩︎