JavaScript and the Web

The React Podcast | Michael Jackson

I listen to a decent amount of podcasts, but I’ve usually found it tough to get into programming podcasts. Without visually being able to see code, they’re usually either ultra high level, or get hard to follow when going into the details. The changelog family of podcasts has generally been my favorite though, and the new1 React podcast has been consistently excellent over it’s first 9 episodes. Worth a listen.

Guess.js | Minko Gechev

This is a crazy look at what I suspect will be the next step in static site performance stuff. This blog does some of the cool stuff mentioned here (we prefetch links on the page thanks to Gatsby, and I use google analytics at build time to determine popular pages and populate the Most Read Articles list on the main page) but this is next level, using analytics to efficiently prefetch. Excited to try it on the site.


The Vision | Tom King

Ok so I’m pretty late on this one2, but Tom King’s The Vision is the best comic book I’ve read in years. He’s got a pretty good run going on Batman now as well, but this is a brilliant self-contained story that holds up as well as anything I’ve seen. Great art as well.

  1. Newly relauched? I’m not totally sure of the history ↩︎

  2. The single edition Vision comics were originally released in 2015, though the hardcover that I purchased was just released this year. ↩︎