Intriguing Github Projects


Ever since I started using Gatsby to power this blog, I’ve wanted the ability to write markdown with React elements intermingled in it. This looks like the first working version of that I’ve seen. I’m excited to play with it.

bat: A cat(1) clone with wings | David Peter

This looks like a really cool project, a “cat” clone with syntax highlighting and git line indicators. Lot’s of cool stuff being written in Rust these days.

Tech and Business

Amazon Letter To Shareholders | Jeff Bezos

I originally saw this letter in an article on Stratechery, (and that piece is also great). It’s one of the best short pieces on business that I’ve ever read. The Stratechery piece breaks down the idea of “divinely discontent customers”, which is an amazing image. But the other advice about how to set and maintain high standards is even better. Just great stuff, from the leader of one of the most important companies in the world.


“What the customer really wanted 😏… “

This is a new variant on one of my favorite programming jokes1

  1. If anyone knows where the original version of this joke is from let me know and I’ll credit it. ↩︎