JavaScript and the Web

React Lifecycle Diagram | Dan Abramov

Dan shared a really great illustration of the React lifecycle methods on twitter that can help you internalize how they work if you’re unfamiliar.

Announcing the Second Edition of “Refactoring”

The upcoming second edition of Refactoring will have it’s code examples written in JavaScript. I’d love to see more architecture-level books written for JavaScript developers. I don’t think we have great definitive resources for those questions yet, and rewriting a classic with JS examples is a great first step.

Present web pages to secondary attached displays | Google Developers

This is a small thing, but I thought Chrome’s experimental support for external display controls was cool, and may eventually lead to me actually using one of the many JS based presentation tools instead of Keynote.


Former Uber Backup Driver: We Saw This Coming | Citylab

May be some sour grapes here, but the piece raises some interesting questions about the transition from our current state to a self-driving car future, and whether a Level 3 self driving car is even a feasible goal.

The Stack Overflow Age | Joel Spolsky

Stack Overflow had a huge influence on my early days learning JavaScript. I love seeing the history here from one of the founders.


Returning To The Empress Hotel | Nick Burchill (Facebook)

One of the funnier stories I’ve read on the internet in a while.