JavaScript And The Web

Feature watch: ECMAScript 2019 | 2ality - Not a lot to see here yet, but Axel Rauschmayer has set up a page for tracking the status of the next version of ECMAScript as features advance to stage 4 and become confirmed for the next version of the spec. No features have been confirmed yet, but worth a bookmark. He also has links to his detailed articles about the various candidate features if you’re interested in seeing where JavaScript is headed next.

The JavaScript Supply Chain Paradox: SRI, CSP and Trust in Third Party Libraries | Troy Hunt - This is a great reminder on why including scripts from 3rd party domains is a risky business, and how to do it securely.

Computer Science

After my post on Computer Science this week, I thought I’d share 2 CS-y links I came across this week.

How to think in graphs: an illustrative introduction to Graph Theory and its applications | Vardan Grigoryan - This is a nice “plain language” explanation of basic graph theory. It’s a bit long, but it’s a nice thing to look at for the folks who told me this week they want to know more about data structures.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns | Addy Osmani - One of the better “CS for front end” resources I’m aware of is Addy Osmani’s book on JavaScript design patterns. Like a lot of things in JS land, parts of it haven’t aged well now that it’s a 6 year old book (it’s very focused on jQuery and DOM manipulation in many of its examples), but since it’s centered around more timeless design patterns, I think it holds up well.