JavaScript And The Web

CodeMirror - CodeMirror is a JavaScript library for building text/code editors in the browser. It isn’t new, but I’ve had the pleasure of building something moderately complex with it over the past week, and thought it deserved some promotion. It makes building an online editor that does shiny “text editor” things like linting, find and replace, syntax highlighting and autocomplete a very manageable endeavor. It’s highly extendable and is a nice example of “easy things should be easy and hard things should be possible”, with simple addons for basic stuff, and less simple extension points for custom work. If you have need of an online text editor, make sure to check it out!

Googlebot’s Javascript random() function is deterministic - Tom Anthony - A really interesting peek at a small part of how Googlebot actually functions when rendering and indexing the web.


Sleep strategies for a racing mind – Pamela Fox - I"ve never had the easiest time falling asleep at night, and it’s taken me a long time to figure out the best ways to manage that. This article lays out a bunch of strategies for coping, many of which are the same things I’ve had to learn the hard way. If you struggle to sleep, definitely worth a read.

Finally I’ll leave you with my personal pick for “tweet of the week”