JavaScript And The Web

ECMAScript 2018 | 2ality - The spec for the 2018 version of ECMAScript has been finalized and this is a good roundup of the new features and syntax available. I’m personally excited for rest/spread properties to be an official part of the language.

PWAs are coming to iOS 11.3: Cupertino, we have a problem | Maximiliano Firtman - Interesting look at what is and isn’t available in the newest version of Safari when it comes to PWAs and offline support

Tech and Business

1 Trillion of Real Estate is on the move | Phil Levin - Almost everybody seems to agree that self driving cars are going to happen. It’s only a question of when. But the other question is what the second-level effects of self driving cars will be. Those who can correctly predict the answer to those two questions are going to have opportunities to make money and create interesting businesses. This is an interesting take on how self-driving cars might affect real estate.