One of the blessings of starting this blog has been the opportunity to answer questions, debate, and learn from the amazingly knowledgeable people who have read my posts. I’ve talked with so many developers who have incredible enthusiasm for software development and the web platform. If that’s you, I have a cool opportunity I want to share.

I try to stay on-topic on this blog and don’t talk about myself very much, but last winter I joined Windsor Circle, a tech startup in Durham North Carolina. We’re a software as a service company focused on helping marketers retain their customers. Since joining, it’s been a crazy ride. Last April, we were selected as the winner of Google’s “Tech Hub Demo Day”, a competition where Google brought in 10 leading startups from around the country and gave them the opportunity to pitch to an auditorium full of Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

This summer we followed that up by raising 6.5 million in Series B funding, and we’re now growing rapidly. Part of that growth is building out our front end development team, and we have a Front End Developer position that is open now.

I want to work with great people, so here’s my no BS pitch to any JavaScript developers out there.

  • Come live (stay?) in Durham NC, get great weather, big city resources for small city cost of living, and amazing food 1.

  • Work with a small but growing development team that has a good mix of senior and less experienced developers.

  • Help build and shape an ambitious web app built with Backbone and Marionette.js on top of a Python backend

  • Work with a team that has a lot of fun while taking care of their work like professionals and places a genuine emphasis on the company’s values.

  • You can even get paid for all of this.

  • Finally, if you’re interested, we’re open to a mix of experience levels. The main thing we want to see is JavaScript and programming knowledge that matches up to where you are right now, and an enthusiasm for building things on the web.

In all seriousness, if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to get in touch by email or on Twitter. You can also see the full job description and apply directly on jobvite.

  1. Durham's been getting national attention for its food scene for several years now.