Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been writing here since 2012, and the content has evolved over time, but coalesces into a few different major themes. To make it easier to navigate through the >180 articles on the site, this page serves as a starting point for exploring those themes.

Engineering Leadership

Since 2019, a major theme of the blog has been Engineering Leadership, spanning topics relevant to both managers and individual developers. Recommended posts include Feedback Loops, Lessons From Managing A Distributed Team, and Thinking About Values.


I’ve written a range of posts about software design over the years with a focus on the Front End. Recommended posts include What’s Involved in Front End Architecture, React Architecture Confessions, and 6 Keys To Valuable Code Reviews.


JavaScript has been my primary programming language for almost a decade now and I’ve written quite a bit about the language and the libraries around it. Most of these posts are tactical so the best posts will depend on your interests, but I’ve written several posts about React and it’s ecosystem.

Software Career Paths

I’ve occasionally written about building a career in the software industry. The most popular work here has been my pair of 10 things serious devs should know posts: about JavaScript and soft skills respectively.


Another consistent blog theme has been productive software work. Some of this is high level, but by far the most popular thing I’ve written here was my series of posts on being productive in modern Vim.