I think it’s incredibly powerful for individuals and organizations to have a clear set of values and principles that they operate against. When incorporated into decision making, values help us navigate ambiguous situations, keep sight of the big picture under pressure, and shape lives and careers that align with what is important to us.

Publishing these values is also useful; it helps friends and coworkers keep us accountable, keeps them front of mind, and it can help others learn.

Values are choices between goods; preferring courage over cowardice is not a value statement exactly, but preferring boldness over caution might be.

The following are the values I’ve come to for myself:


Act with integrity. Keep promises, make decisions using consistent values.


Live with thankfulness for what I’ve been blessed with.


Don’t do things alone. I want to work and live life in community.


This is prudence in the classical sense. I want to make decisions based on a rational analysis of reality, not feelings and first impressions.


Don’t save it all for myself. Leave margin for others and be generous. When I succeed, I want to bring others along with me.

Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement + Goodism are a powerful combo. (Goodism is contrasted to perfectionism here: I want to build good things, not obsess after diminishing returns)


I should be accountable for my responsibilities and hold others to the same.


Justice often requires active work, and I should always pursue it.

My thinking on values has evolved over time. I’ve particularly been influenced by