About Me

Hi, I’m Ben McCormick. I’m a web developer, writer, occasional athlete, and a Christian. This is my blog about JavaScript, the Web and development tools.

I live in Durham NC with my wife Claire and our dog Samoa, and prior to that I grew up in Pittsburgh. I have plenty of pride in both of my homes. When I’m not writing code or text, you can find me playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, and board games, relaxing with my wife, or volunteering at my church. I currently work at Windsor Circle, and spend my days there writing a lot of JavaScript.

If you have thoughts about the blog or want to contact me about related opportunities by email at ben AT benmccormick.org.

Blog Bookkeeping

benmccormick.org is run on top of the Github Pages using Gatsby. I occasionally link to various books and services when I blog. These links are often affiliate links, for which I receive a small commission on sales. When this is the case I do my best to disclose that fact. I only link to products that I have used and can endorse honestly. These links are there to support the cost of hosting the blog.

All content on the blog was written by me, and I maintain copyright over it. If you want to reuse or reprint it somewhere else, please contact me.

All opinions, positions and thoughts on the blog are my own and do not represent the positions or opinions of my employer, my family, my church, my country, etc.