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These posts cover my thoughts on a variety of technology related subjects

  • Tips for making your talk both useful and rewarding

    Oct 30th 2017
  • The trouble with in-person meetings

    Dec 30th 2013
  • What is an open API?

    Aug 15th 2013
  • A post on the difficulties of estimating development projects

    Jun 9th 2013
  • Talking about how Microsoft culture impacts their products

    Jun 8th 2013
  • Your job doesn't need you. Your family does

    May 4th 2013
  • Jan 25th 2013
  • Why does nothing work together?

    Dec 29th 2012
  • Is there any use in personal websites anymore?

    Dec 25th 2012
  • A nerd tribute from a friend

    Nov 9th 2012
  • The same conversation just keeps happening

    Sep 19th 2012



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