I occasionally give talks about JavaScript. If you’re interested in having me speak to your group, feel free to contact me through email.

I am open to talking about pretty much anything that I write about on this blog. Here are some talks I’ve given in the past:


Saving Time With Jest Triangle ReactJS Meetup

I gave a talk at the first Triangle ReactJS meetup about testing with Jest and how it can save you time.


Backbone.js Triangle JavaScript Meetup

I gave a talk to the Triangle JavaScript Meetup about Backbone and where it fits into today’s JavaScript landscape, specifically comparing it to more “modern” frameworks like Angular and React, and demonstrating how you can incorporate new technologies like Firebase and a virtual DOM into a Backbone app.


Component Based Development Triangle DevCon

I gave a talk at Triangle DevCon about the web trend towards component based development strategies, going into detail about the Web Components standards as well as the various component implementations from React, Ember, Knockout and Angular.